Material selection


We offer wide range of material selection with different types, sizes, and material to fulfill the customer needs. At the same time,improve the efficiency of the engine and machine working system.


Materail Operating Temp. Advantanges Disadvantanges Oil Resist  Abrasion Resist Code  Hardness  Tensile  Strength  Elongation   Compression Set  Temp'C   Pressure 
(Buna N)
-65 to 225'F
(-18to 107'C)
  • Low cost
  • Good low temp.ability
  • good low swell characteristic
  • Does not have exceptional heat resistance
  • Compound tend to hardern during high temperature operation
Very good Excellent NBR70' 70 180 300 12 -35/120 7
  • Good in high pressure operation
  • Does not have the exceptional heat resistance
Very good Excellent HNBR80' 88 200 160 13 -20/120 140
  • Very good heat resistance
  • Excellent low temperature performance
  • Easily demaged during handle and installation
  • Poor chemical resistance to oxidized oils and certain EP additives
  • High swell problem in some lubricants
  • Poor dry running performance
Fair Poor SE70' 70 165 200 12 -45/200 8
Fluoro Elastomer (VitonR)
  • Excellent high temperature
  • Compatible with a wide range of fluids
  • Very long Life
  • Very expensive in relation to other seal compounds
Excellent Good FKM80' 80 160 180 18 -20/230 10