Custom Made Seals


STL Sealing System Technology is the first Seal Company in South East Asia to bring the most advance and evolution Lathe Machine System to Malaysia.
With the latest technology, we can provide a design service to engineer custom sealing solutions that mark best for your application. Moreover, our machine able to drill hole and ditch according to your specify requirement which redefine the limit of seal technology.
Being The Seal Specialist in this industry, we can get your seal repair job in time, thus saving time & money. Whether you are dealing in temperature, fluid or pressure application, we have the right solution for you.
Custom Seal Profile Range
  • Wipers - Rod Seals - Piston Seals - Symmetrical Seals - Static seals and O- rings
  • Back- up Rings - Guide Rings - Rotary Seals - Mining Seals - Customized seals and machined 
Our advanced Lathe cutting machines use the latest in programmable technology to cut and shape a huge variety of profiles, by modifying a number of parameters to suit your specific needs. And our experienced machine operators ensure that your products are manufactured to an exacting technical standard at all times.
Custom Seal Materials
Custom seals can be produced in a wide range of materials, including:
We can assist with choosing the best material for particular application as each of these specialist materials offer different properties , including resistance to temperature (high or low), pressure (high or low), a range of chemicals and different degree of abrasion.
Our Custom Seal Enquiry Form is a checklist which will provide us with the correct information to enable us to supply the right seal, first time. 
Contact Us to talk to one of our custom seal experts and we will guide you through the process.